This is a new Diabetes Network Helpline service and is for patients with diabetes, with concerns about Covid 19.

It will run seven days a week including bank holidays from 9am until 3pm and will operate for 12 weeks initially. 

Helpline No:

028 9536 0600 

Helpline Email: diabetic.



*** P U B L I C     N O T I C E ***



Due to the rapid spread of COVID 19 (Coronavirus) we must reduce face to face exposure in the Health Centre in order to protect patients and staff.


The Health Centre is a HIGH RISK AREA where vulnerable patients are at HIGH RISK OF EXPOSURE.


The following measures are now obligatory and take effect immediately:


  • Telephone contact is our first choice option at this time.
  • Following telephone contact with the Doctor, an appointment will be arranged as appropriate.
  • Prescriptions will be sent directly to your designated pharmacy. Please protect Community Pharmacy staff and ensure someone who is well, and not at risk of COVID-19, collects your script for you. 
  • Medical certifications/letters will be posted to your address. These can no longer be picked up in the Health Centre. 
  • Ensure strict hand hygiene.
  • Please do not enter the Health Centre unless you have been asked to do so by a GP.






If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms you should SELF-ISOLATE FOR 7 DAYS:


  • Continuous cough.
  • Fever above 37.8oC.
  • Difficulty breathing / shortness of breath. 


You should contact NHS 111 if:


  • You feel no better after 7 days   OR
  • Your condition worsens during this time  





For further information and advice please visit the following websites:












Thank you for your co-operation in these extraordinary times