If you have not yet got your Flu Vacc this year - please contact Reception!

It's not too late to get this!

We are currently sending out letters to all those patients who are at risk of developing the 'flu.

If you are aged over 65, pregnant, have a chronic condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or a lung condition - you will shortly receive a letter inviting you to our clinic.


IMPACT Agewell

If you are living alone or with another person and are aged 65 years and over - this service may be of interest to you.

It provides support and services within our local community and is offered to our older population.

If you have two or more of the following conditions, this IMPACT Agewell service may be provided to you. Conditions like:

- Diabetes

- A lung diagnosis

- Heart Disease

- Stroke

- Parkinson's

- Osteoporosis

- Hypertension

A dedicated IMPACT Agewell team member will take to you about ways to improve your quality of life by providing you with person-centred services which focus on your well-being and social needs.

Services can include:

- Befriending


- Home security


- Handyperson.

- Support Groups.

- Community

  Transport - etc.


028 25 821551



 Practice Nurses


We have two Practice Nurses available each Monday and Friday and one Practice Nurse on a Tuesday - Thursday.


We also have a Practice-based Pharmacist who assists with prescriptions, governance and some clinical areas.


Clinics are available - don't forget these are booked by appointment only.


We run various clinics -  Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Thyroid,

Cervical Cytology, Hypertension (Blood Pressure), Stroke Monitoring.



You don't have to visit the Practice Nurse or Treatment Room to have you Blood Pressure checked.

Just speak to one of our Receptionist Team and they will assist you in using our Blood Pressure Monitor which is located just off Reception.






Treatment Room Services


Our Treatment Room runs Monday - Friday from 8.30 am - 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm.

This service is by appointment only.  Please ring 028 25 821551 for an appointment.


Our Treatment Room staff can assist in blood / urine tests, wound checks and management of these, immunisations, travel vaccinations, ear syringing - all of which must be at the doctor's request.


You may be asked for a brief outline of what your appointment is about - this is in order to allocate the correct appointment time to you and to the most appropriate member of staff.






Childhood Immunisation


 Our Health Visitor will issue appointments for our 8 week old babies for their first set of primary vaccinations.  She will also send the parent/guardian an appointment for the child's pre-school booster vaccinations.  Children will normally be seen for a pre-vaccination assessment by the GP - on a Monday morning.


All other childhood vaccinations will be given by our Treatment Room Nurse.  The "Baby Clinic" is held on a Wednesday morning, usually from 10.20 am - 12.20 pm.






Ante-Natal Clinic


We have a Visiting Midwife who runs this clinic each Thursday afternoon from 2.00 pm until approximately 4.30 pm.


Just telephone the Health Centre on the main telephone number to book an appointment

(028 25 821551).



The GPs like to see their ante-natal patients in/around the 35 week stage.  The midwife will advise you near this time to book your next appointment with the GP.  Subsequent appointments should be made with the Visiting Midwife.